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Innovator; A person who innovates. A maker of changes or who introduces new methods.

Traditionalist; A person who upholds tradition.

Both of these terms apply to Sid Chavers the person and the Sid Chavers Company. Having been in the Custom Upholstery business since February 1976, Sid definitively has his roots in the traditional school of first-generation Interior Customizers. But unlike some people who reach a certain level and are content to stay there, Sid has taken this foundation and used it to reach a higher level, raising the standards of design excellence and craftsmanship in the process.

With a sincere desire to understand what each customer wants and needs, Sid's interiors have been seen in some of the most high profile cars on the Show circuits. As a result of this, he has had a major influence on the latest generation of Interior Customizers. Why?  Because their customers see these cars at the shows and tell them " I want something that looks like that for my car". By giving his clients what they want and at the same time doing what he thought was right for each design, Sid has established himself as one of the all-time great Interior Artists. Years from now, people will still be proud to say that Sid Chavers did their interior and this is the ultimate compliment that any Interior Designer can hope to receive.

Sid Chavers

The Sid Chavers Company was founded on these same principles; innovation combined with tradition. A desire to honor what has gone before and is now recognized as a classic, while bringing new refinements and style to these same classic designs.  The team of Sid Chavers and George Atkins are acknowledged to be two of the brightest talents in the world of Hot Rod and Custom cars. The enthusiastic public response and flattering success of the BopTop are proof that the concept of "innovative tradition" is worth all of the effort that it requires.

It is not an easy task to be leader or innovator in any given field; especially when that field treasures that which came before and often dismisses or derides that which is new. The pages of history are filled with the stories of people who tried and did not succeed. But every now and then, along comes a person or group who does succeed and it is by these successes that progress is made and inspiration given to others.

With the creative talent of its founders and a great response to the products from our customers, The Sid Chavers Company is one of those success stories. As long as people continue to find satisfaction and enjoyment in their special cars, our main goal is to be a company they can turn to for unique and useful products.

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